Splitting a coordination with "with"

Yuta Tatsumi, Yoshiki Fujiwara
2018 Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America  
By investigating data on Japanese particle to 'with/and', this paper provides a unified analysis of three types of construction containing the particle to. We argue that a single to particle coordinating two elements is a conjunction particle (single to construction), while to selecting the coordination phrase (multiple to construction) and to adjoined to a single element (split to construction) are comitative postpositions. Under the proposal, the split to construction and the multiple to
more » ... ruction share the same underlying structure containing the single to construction. We also show that Russian coordinative and discontinuous comitatives are derived in a similar way to Japanese, following Ionin and Matushansky (2003). Our proposal suggests that a discontinuous comitative phrase and its associate universally form a constituent in a base structure.
doi:10.3765/plsa.v3i1.4362 fatcat:zivyckj3xrgebjrhmfhy47cai4