Dyak Iron Furnaces

1848 Scientific American  
By the term fancy weaving we mean the weaving of those small patterns which are produced in loom. mounted with leaves of headles; and of which we have already given �ufficient explanation in the preceding articles. A complete description of the method of weaving figured patterns of unlimited extent, b.y power, we may give in some future num ber. At present we shall confine our remarks to those looms for weaving fancy texture which we consider to be of most practical sing or check, as the ground
more » ... heck, as the ground leaves must al ways be divided into equal portions in weav ing the plain parts. Any tweel of an even number of leaves may he converted into stripes a[ld checks; and if the stripe be formed into a dart or her ring bone, the plain may be woven by a sin gle over and over draught, and conl'erted in to a check the same as the stripe, by working over, the treadles in one direction for half of the cross stripe, and reverstug the order of treading for the other. -GILROY. l To be continued.) utility, with such other information as has a The Dlalllond
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican06101848-299c fatcat:ibw2kbrsrzfjvkropcjuyhtpeu