Multi-pharmaceuticals analysis in fish by continuous series solid-phase extraction coupled with UPLC-MS/MS

Lei Gao, Peng Wang, Zhongxiang Chen, Shizhan Tang, Song Wu, Gang Li, Dongli Qin
2020 Acta Chromatographica  
AbstractPharmaceuticals which are widely used in aquatic can easily migrate into the environment and aquatic animals, and can increase the risk of drug resistance and allergic symptoms if consumed by humans. In order to achieve high-throughput analysis of pharmaceuticals with different physical and chemical properties from complex matrices, we developed a new method for various types pharmaceuticals in fish and shrimp tissue. Series solid-phase extraction (s-SPE) with different adsorbents was
more » ... nt adsorbents was selected for extracting and purifying analytes with different paddings. s-SPE were combined with ultra performance liquid chromatography triple quadruple tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS) for the detection of 30 pharmaceuticals antibiotics in fish samples. This method was stabilized and reliable to determinate the pharmaceuticals in fish and shrimp samples. As the method combined multiple Chinese national standards method, it could be easily treat the multi-pharmaceuticals from the fish and shrimp samples once time. It provided for both quantitative and qualitative methods and they could be applied to single- or multi-residue methods.
doi:10.1556/1326.2020.00876 fatcat:p6qagljlnjgqffwmtmxjuw5lbi