Saving energy in IP-over-WDM networks by switching off line cards in low-demand scenarios

Filip Idzikowski, Sebastian Orlowski, Christian Raack, Hagen Woesner, Adam Wolisz
2010 2010 14th Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling (ONDM)  
We estimate potential energy savings in IP-over-WDM networks achieved by switching off router line cards in low-demand hours. We compare three approaches to react on dynamics in the IP traffic over time, FUFL, DUFL and DUDL. They provide different levels of freedom in adjusting the routing of lightpaths in the WDM layer and the routing of demands in the IP layer. Using MILP models based on realistic network topologies and node architectures as well as realistic demands, power, and cost values,
more » ... e show that already a simple monitoring of the lightpath utilization in order to deactivate empty line cards (FUFL) brings substantial benefits. The most significant savings, however, are achieved by rerouting traffic in the IP layer (DUFL), which allows emptying and deactivating lightpaths together with the corresponding line cards. A sophisticated reoptimization of the virtual topologies and the routing in the optical domain for every demand scenario (DUDL) yields nearly no additional profits in the considered networks.
doi:10.1109/ondm.2010.5431569 fatcat:bsavebzu35djdfzwsrkscp4vsa