Point-of-Interest Recommendation: Exploiting Self-Attentive Autoencoders with Neighbor-Aware Influence [article]

Chen Ma, Yingxue Zhang, Qinglong Wang, Xue Liu
2018 arXiv   pre-print
The rapid growth of Location-based Social Networks (LBSNs) provides a great opportunity to satisfy the strong demand for personalized Point-of-Interest (POI) recommendation services. However, with the tremendous increase of users and POIs, POI recommender systems still face several challenging problems: (1) the hardness of modeling non-linear user-POI interactions from implicit feedback; (2) the difficulty of incorporating context information such as POIs' geographical coordinates. To cope with
more » ... these challenges, we propose a novel autoencoder-based model to learn the non-linear user-POI relations, namely SAE-NAD, which consists of a self-attentive encoder (SAE) and a neighbor-aware decoder (NAD). In particular, unlike previous works equally treat users' checked-in POIs, our self-attentive encoder adaptively differentiates the user preference degrees in multiple aspects, by adopting a multi-dimensional attention mechanism. To incorporate the geographical context information, we propose a neighbor-aware decoder to make users' reachability higher on the similar and nearby neighbors of checked-in POIs, which is achieved by the inner product of POI embeddings together with the radial basis function (RBF) kernel. To evaluate the proposed model, we conduct extensive experiments on three real-world datasets with many state-of-the-art baseline methods and evaluation metrics. The experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of our model.
arXiv:1809.10770v1 fatcat:4jbtumufrfbefc436kzqxufeku