Long-distance quantum teleportation assisted with free-space entanglement distribution

Ren Ji-Gang, Yang Bin, Yi Zhen-Huan, Zhou Fei, Chen Kai, Peng Cheng-Zhi, Pan Jian-Wei
2009 Chinese Physics B  
Faithful long-distance quantum teleportation necessitates prior entanglement distribution between two communicated locations. The particle carrying on the unknown quantum information is then combined with one particle of the entangled states for Bell-state measurements, which leads to a transfer of the original quantum information onto the other particle of the entangled states. However in most of the implemented teleportation experiments nowadays, the Bell-state measurements are performed even
more » ... are performed even before successful distribution of entanglement. This leads to an instant collapse of the quantum state for the transmitted particle, which is actually a single-particle transmission thereafter. Thus the true distance for quantum teleportation is, in fact, only in a level of meters. In the present experiment we design a novel scheme which has overcome this limit by utilizing fiber as quantum memory. A complete quantum teleportation is achieved upon successful entanglement distribution over 967 meters in public free space. Active feed-forward control techniques are developed for real-time transfer of quantum information. The overall experimental fidelities for teleported states are better than 89.6%, which signify high-quality teleportation.
doi:10.1088/1674-1056/18/8/078 fatcat:opfcpaldybdplgucbmcfz4ss4e