Motivational interviewing to improve postabortion contraceptive uptake by young women: development and feasibility of a counseling intervention

A.K. Whitaker, M.T. Quinn, S.L. Martins, A.N. Tomlinson, E.J. Woodhams, M. Gilliam
2015 Contraception  
Objective-To develop and test a post-abortal contraception counseling intervention using motivational interviewing (MI), and to determine the feasibility, impact, and patient acceptability of the intervention when integrated into an urban academic abortion clinic. Study design-A single-session post-abortal contraception counseling intervention for young women aged 15-24 incorporating principles, skills, and style of MI was developed. Medical and social work professionals were trained to deliver
more » ... the intervention, their competency was assessed, and the intervention was integrated into the clinical setting. Feasibility was determined by assessing ability to approach and recruit participants, ability to complete the full intervention without interruption, and participant satisfaction with the counseling. Results-We approached 90% of eligible patients and 71% agreed to participate (n=20). All participants received the full counseling intervention. The median duration of the intervention was 29 minutes. Immediately after the intervention and at the one-month follow-up contact, 95% and 77% of participants reported that the session was helpful, respectively. Conclusions-MI counseling can be tailored to the abortion setting. It is feasible to train professionals to use MI principles, skills, and style and to implement an MI-based contraception counseling intervention in an urban academic abortion clinic. The sessions are acceptable to participants.
doi:10.1016/j.contraception.2015.06.015 pmid:26093191 pmcid:PMC4575852 fatcat:px7asjimovdprbbosx3qja27yi