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Adunola, Okunola
2016 International Journal of Basic and Applied Chemical Sciences   unpublished
Heavy metals (Cr, Cu, Fe, Mn, Pb, Co and Cd) were determined in ten different brands of imported teas found in various markets in Lagos, Nigeria. All samples were treated using acid digestion method and the metals were determined using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry. The result of analysis showed that the content of lead in all tea samples ranged from 0.00mg/kg-0.27mg/kg. The highest chromium value was found in Lipton tea (1.26mg/kg) while the only nickel value was found in Typhoid tea
more » ... in Typhoid tea (0.09mg/kg). Copper levels ranged from 0.01mg/kg in Top Tea to 0.20mg/kg in Lipton tea. Cadmium was not found in all the samples while the highest cobalt level was 0. 93mg/kg in Typhoid tea which also contains a high level of copper, lead and nickel. Cadmium was not detected in all the herbal teas studied while lead and nickel were found only in typhoid tea. Lipton tea contains the highest level of chromium (1.26mg/kg) followed by Antimalaria tea (1.04mg/kg).