Temperature Dependences of the Quantum-Mechanical and Semi-Classical Spectral-Line Widths and the Separation of the Impact and Non-Impact Regions for an Ar-Perturbed/K-Radiator System

W. C. Kreye
2010 International Journal of Spectroscopy  
Quantum-mechanical and semi-classical spectral-line shapes are computed at , , and K for the line core of the 5802 Å line of the Ar-Perturbed/K-Radiator system. HWHMs ('s) are measured from computed full spectral-line shapes. The final-state pseudopotential is for the state, and the initial-state potential is for the state. Three high-pressure (P) —versus— curves, corresponding to the non-impact region, intersect a similar set of low-P, impact-region curves at intersections, 's. Similarly, for
more » ... 's. Similarly, for two sets of —versus— curves, which yield intersections, 's, where is the perturber density. These 's and 's separate the two regions and represent the upper limits of the impact regions. A specific validity condition for the impact region is given by the equation . From an earlier spectroscopic, Fabry-Perot paper, cm−1 at K and torr. Two theoretical values, and cm−1 corresponding to two different pseudo-potentials, are reported. Two -dependent figures are given, in which the first shows an increase in the impact region with , based on as the basic parameter, and the second which shows a decrease in the impact region with , based on as the basic parameter.
doi:10.1155/2010/323848 fatcat:isrsh2hnfbdulcilejbjfzmqoa