cw laser annealing of Nb3Al and Nb3Si

T. Shibata, J. F. Gibbons, J. Kwo, R. D. Feldman, T. H. Geballe
1981 Journal of Applied Physics  
cw laser annealing has been applied to synthesize the metastable A 15 superconductors, Nb 3 AI and Nb 3 Si. Qualitative agreement with the equilibrium phase diagrams have been obtained for the Nb-AI system. Laser annealing permits the high-temperature A15 phase to be fast quenched to room temperature without decomposition. Subsequent use of multiple low-temperature laser scans raises the superconducting transition temperature, probably by improving the atomic order. For the Nb-Si system, a
more » ... b-Si system, a single-phase nonstoichiometric A 15 structure is formed from the amorphous phase upon laser annealing.
doi:10.1063/1.329793 fatcat:um4r23ugqvbrvb6crh64yy7oua