On Exact Superpotentials, Free Energies and Matrix Models

Girma Hailu, Howard Georgi
2004 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We discuss exact results for the full nonperturbative effective superpotentials of four dimensional $\mathcal{N}=1$ supersymmetric U(N) gauge theories with additional chiral superfield in the adjoint representation and the free energies of the related zero dimensional bosonic matrix models with polynomial potentials in the planar limit using the Dijkgraaf-Vafa matrix model prescription and integrating in and out. The exact effective superpotentials are produced including the leading
more » ... leading Veneziano-Yankielowicz term directly from the matrix models. We also discuss how to use integrating in and out as a tool to do random matrix integrals in the large $N$ limit.
doi:10.1088/1126-6708/2004/02/038 fatcat:g47pe6mrbjf4ba6pyznvzkxnle