Penguin-induced radiative baryonic B decays

Hai-Yang Cheng, Kwei-Chou Yang
2002 Physics Letters B  
Weak radiative baryonic B decays B→_1_2γ mediated by the electromagnetic penguin process b→ sγ have appreciable rates larger than their two-body counterparts B→_1_2. The branching ratios for B^-→Λp̅γ and B^-→Ξ^0Σ̅^-γ are sizable, falling into the range of (1∼ 6)× 10^-6 with the value preferred to be on the large side, and not far from the bottom baryon radiative decays Λ_b→Λγ and Ξ_b→Ξγ due to the large short-distance enhancement for b→ sγ penguin transition and the large strong coupling of the
more » ... anti-triplet bottom baryons with the B meson and the light baryon. These penguin-induced radiative baryonic B decay modes should be accessible by B factories.
doi:10.1016/s0370-2693(02)01662-3 fatcat:tnz34emkujeqplr6xawvvferzu