Experimental Observation of Dissolution Finger Growth in Radial Geometry

Le Xu, Piotr Szymczak, Renaud Toussaint, Eirik G. Flekkøy, Knut J. Måløy
2019 Frontiers in Physics  
Reaction-infiltration instability refers to the morphological instability of a reactive fluid front flowing in a soluble porous medium. This process is important for many naturally occurring phenomena, such as the weathering and diagenesis of rocks, dissolution in salt deposits and melt extraction from the mantle. This paper is focused on experiments on dissolution finger growth in radial geometries in an analog fracture. In the experiments, pure water dissolves a plaster sample forming one of
more » ... he fracture walls in a Hele-Shaw cell with controlled injection rate and aperture. The flow is directed inwards to the center, and we observe the reaction-infiltration instability developing along the relatively long perimeter of the plaster. Our experimental results show a number of features consistent with the theoretical and numerical predictions on the finger growth dynamics such as screening and selection between the fingers. Statistical properties of the dissolved part evolution with time are also investigated.
doi:10.3389/fphy.2019.00096 fatcat:4yz6t7z73fcvbo4zo4umreosv4