Three New Ants Related to Strumigenys Louisianae Roger

William L. Brown
1953 Psyche: A Journal of Entomology  
In this time of high printing costs, the difficulty of publishing in one large work the results of my studies on the ant tribe Dacetini has forced me o break up what would otherwise be a revision in one piece into many smaller treatments. It is hoped that, with the publication after each large natural group of a concise key and other general information, the effect of a revision within the same covers will be approached. Below are described three new species closely related to Strumigenys
more » ... anae Roger, the latter being a common and well-known orm ranging rom Tennessee and Arizona south through the West Indies and Central America and reaching Bolivia and northern Argentina. S. louisianae has been known under several names in different parts of its range (S. bruchi Forel, S. infidelis Santschi, S. eggersi cubaensis Mann and S. louisianae, various subspecies and varieties), but all of these names are treated as synonyms in an extended discussion of this form a.t present in press. A distributional peculiarity of S. louisianae seems to be pointed up by the lack of records from the rainforest areas of the Amazon-Orinoco Basins and from the extensively collected Panamanian localities centering on Barro Col.orado Island. The descriptions given are all strictly comparative ones Published with a grant from the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College.
doi:10.1155/1953/35837 fatcat:sd4gdbksyvbypla7mxso344k6q