Modeling of relationship between work-family conflict and occupational accident in a steel manufacturing industry

Mahdi Malakoutikhah, Ali Karimi, Mostafa Hosseini, Amir Rastgarkhaled
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Work-Family Conflict can influence the physical and mental health of workers as a social parameter. The aim of this study is supposed to provide theoretical model of relationship between work-family conflict and occupational accidents, taking into account parameters such as job stress and general health of employees in a steel manufacturing industry. Material and Method: Research population included workers of steel department of a steel manufacturing industry. This research was a
more » ... was a cross-sectional study, and 270 individuals were selected in two groups, with an accident experience during lasts 5 years (case) and without (control). They responded to questionnaires including 4 parts, demographic, 18 questions of work-family conflict, 35 questions of job stress and, 28 questions of general health. Data were analyzed and introduced using AMOS software. Result: Result showed that the model present an excellent goodness of fit and all of factors were significant between parameters (p<0.001). In addition, individual health and job stress with high coefficient could affect work-family conflict and work-family conflict was effective in the event of occupational accidents. Conclusion: Reducing work-family conflict as a social parameter affecting stress can be effective in the reduction of occupational accidents. The organizational management system with optimization of this important factor can upgrade its level of occupational safety.