A Study Of Personnel Practices And Teacher Morale

Margaret Jeter
i Study this kind, la addition to library research, involves co-operation of © large-number of' i n M M & u a l s m i groups with the author* Beans of participating colleges were patient and prompt ' in filling out end-returning questionnaire forms, and the author extends to them his keen appreciation* He wishes, also, to aekrowl* _ edge the helpful encouragement of -the members and especially the chairman, Curtis Bishop, of Sub-Committee $©# 1 on Election and Guidance -of the State Department
more » ... f Education1© idvtsory Committee on teaching in the Schools and Colleges of Virginia. to M s graduate degree committee. Bar*. G# H* Armasest (chairman), Br« 1* I"* Hoke, .ant frofessor loyal B. Imbrea, Jr», the author is f a t e f u l for helpful suggestions and criticisms. Special thanks are due President Charles $*, Smith, of Boaaoke Col** lege" for his courtesy in granting the author necessary leave-ofabsence from duties at that institution! Profeasor E« B* Broadwater for helpful suggestions in preparing the-questionnaire $. and Josephine Kitehio for her constant inspiration and her unstinting labors-in typing the manuscript* 8* B* M i TABts of m m m m m m m m t* the Purpose and Plan of the Studf*«,* * * * » *« *.* *********%♦* *1 XI* that Is Good Student Personnel, Fraetiee? *+«»,«**»»»•#•*** *3 XXI* Personnel Practise# In Virginia College#*,*«# # *■*** * **41 If* Ijsi^Ioation# of the Study for Personnel Practices in
doi:10.25774/w4-j2ra-mc24 fatcat:skyd3jzh7jcwbp2vzucsgpjkpm