Optimal Scheduling of Friendly Jammers for Securing Wireless Communication [article]

Jialin Wan, Siyao Cheng, Shanshan Han, Jianzhong Li
2017 arXiv   pre-print
Wireless communication systems, such as wireless sensor networks and RFIDs, are increasingly adopted to transfer potential highly sensitive information. Since the wireless medium has a sharing nature, adversaries have a chance to eavesdrop confidential information from the communication systems. Adding artificial noises caused by friendly jammers emerges as a feasible defensive technique against adversaries. This paper studies the schedule strategies of friendly jammers, which are randomly and
more » ... edundantly deployed in a circumscribed geographical area and can be unrechargeable or rechargeable, to maximize the lifetime of the jammer networks and prevent the cracking of jamming effect made by the eavesdroppers, under the constraints of geographical area, energy consumption, transmission power, and threshold level. An approximation algorithm as baseline is first proposed using the integer linear programming model. To further reduce the computational complexity, a heuristic algorithm based on the greedy strategy that less consumption leads to longer lifetime is also proposed. Finally, extensive simulation results show that the proposed algorithms are effective and efficient.
arXiv:1710.09566v1 fatcat:xguv2pfpp5cf5ah57o4fhrzkca