Evaluation of Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Alkali Activated Slag Concrete
알칼리 활성 슬래그 콘크리트를 사용한 철근 콘크리트 보의 휨거동 평가

Kwang-Myong Lee, Jung-In Seo
2015 Journal of the Korea Concrete Institute  
따라서 본 논문에서는 50 MPa급 프리캐스트 제품용 알 칼리 활성 슬래그(Alkali Activated Slag, AAS) 콘크리트 의 탄성계수 및 응력-변형률 관계를 실험적으로 구하고, 이러한 콘크리트를 사용한 철근콘크리트 보의 휨거동을 실험을 통해 조사하였다. 또한 실험을 통해 얻은 탄성계 수 및 응력-변형률 관계를 이용하여 휨부재의 거동을 해 석적으로 평가하고 실험결과와 비교, 분석하였다. 2. 실험 계획 2.1 사용재료 본 연구에서는 결합재로 밀도가 2.90 g/cm 3 , 분말도 4,365 cm 2 /g, 염기도가 1.78인 KS 기준에 적합한 3종 고로슬래 그 미분말을 사용하였다. 잔골재로는 밀도가 2.58 g/cm 3 ABSTRACT Cement zero concrete produced by alkali-activators and industrial by-products such as slag instead of cement, enables to solve the
more » ... vironmental pollution problems provoked by the exhaustion of natural resources and energy as well as the discharge of carbon dioxide. However, researches on the cement zero concrete are still limited to material studies and thus, study on the structural behavior of relevant members is essential to use the cement zero concrete as structural materials. This paper aims to evaluate experimentally and analytically the flexural behavior of RC beams using 50 MPa alkali activated slag concrete. To achieve such a goal, flexural tests on three types of RC beam specimens were conducted. A nonlinear analysis model is proposed using the modulus of elasticity and stress-strain relationship of alkali activated slag concrete. The analysis results obtained by the proposed model agree well with the experimental results, which could verify the validity of the proposed model.
doi:10.4334/jkci.2015.27.3.311 fatcat:pxetnn7flvflnhrhspgrymt65i