Language-Independent Speaker Anonymization Approach using Self-Supervised Pre-Trained Models [article]

Xiaoxiao Miao, Xin Wang, Erica Cooper, Junichi Yamagishi, Natalia Tomashenko
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Speaker anonymization aims to protect the privacy of speakers while preserving spoken linguistic information from speech. Current mainstream neural network speaker anonymization systems are complicated, containing an F0 extractor, speaker encoder, automatic speech recognition acoustic model (ASR AM), speech synthesis acoustic model and speech waveform generation model. Moreover, as an ASR AM is language-dependent, trained on English data, it is hard to adapt it into another language. In this
more » ... er, we propose a simpler self-supervised learning (SSL)-based method for language-independent speaker anonymization without any explicit language-dependent model, which can be easily used for other languages. Extensive experiments were conducted on the VoicePrivacy Challenge 2020 datasets in English and AISHELL-3 datasets in Mandarin to demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed SSL-based language-independent speaker anonymization method.
arXiv:2202.13097v3 fatcat:73ntrvneqbfhposowp4kpucdpy