Construction of a complete set of orthogonal Fourier–Mellin moment invariants for pattern recognition applications

H. Zhang, H.Z. Shu, P. Haigron, B.S. Li, L.M. Luo
2010 Image and Vision Computing  
The completeness property of a set of invariant descriptors is of fundamental importance from the theoretical as well as the practical points of view. In this paper, we propose a general approach to construct a complete set of orthogonal Fourier-Mellin moment (OFMM) invariants. By establishing a relationship between the OFMMs of the original image and those of the image having the same shape but distinct orientation and scale, a complete set of scale and rotation invariants is derived. The
more » ... iency and the robustness to noise of the method for recognition tasks are shown by comparing it with some existing methods on several data sets.
doi:10.1016/j.imavis.2009.04.004 fatcat:fmdc5n6b4fa7bdvqcd4zqbjn3y