The effects of preservice biology teachers' argumentation on bioethical issues

The purpose of this study is to explore the effects of preservice teachers' argumentation on bioethical issues. The preservice teachers were given four bioethical issues of euthanasia, stem cell, GMO and global warming. They participated in the group discussion identifying claim, ground, warrant, backing, and rebuttal, and then wrote about each topic using Toulmin's argumentation structure. The results indicated that the preservice teachers improved the problem solving ability, the critical
more » ... y, the critical thinking ability, and the understanding of nature of science after the intervention. The preservice teachers also recognized the importance of evidence, rebuttal, critical thinking, scientific knowledge related to bioethical issues. Furthermore, they mentioned that they have insights of how to teach secondary students when dealing with bioethical issues in their reflective journal. key words : bioethical issues, argumentation, scientific literacy, decision-making ability Ⅰ. 서 론
doi:10.15717/bioedu.2015.43.1.27 fatcat:plwf6nvq45aclfmu62yxgls2tu