Kerámiaszemcse fémolvadékba merülése fémmátrixú kompozitok gyártásakor

Péter Barkóczy
1998 Fiatal Műszakiak Tudományos Ülésszaka  
The incorporation of ceramic particle into liquid metals was investigated. We find different models when the literature was reviewed. These models gave the different results, so a thermodynamic criteria was developed to solve this problem. A general criteria was worked out which uses a geometrical parameter to describe the shape of incorporated particle. This criteria was applied to some idealised shape for example ellipsoid, sphere and the condition of spontaneously incorporation of these
more » ... particle was developed. The model gave the same results in all cases. All particle incorporate into the melt spontaneously, when the melt is wetting the particle perfectly. This independent for the shape of the particles. Only the equilibrium depth of immersion depend on the shape of the particles.
doi:10.36243/fmtu-1998.39 fatcat:3s2hqmlgrvcy7ev2qeofh5ij24