1887 The Lancet  
feeble, exhibited a lower temperature, not exceeding in many instances 750, or even descending as low as 71v°. The skin covering the muscular portion of the body is warmer than that over the bones and tendons. Contraction of the muscles caused the temperature of the superjacent portion of skin to rise one degree or more. The decrease of temperature from the skin to the outer covering in a room at a temperature of 63° was as follows : on the skin 88°, on the linen shirt 82°, on the vest 'T5°,
more » ... on the coat '72°. The highest temperature was found to occur in men in the full vigour of life. As a singular fact, Dr. Kunkel states that children otherwise in perfect health showed a much lower degree of surface temperature--from 770 to 8°-than adults. He does not appear to have followed out Professor Lombard's observations on the temperature of the head. THE QUEEN'S JUBILEE. ON the 16th inst. the Queen held a Court at Windsor
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