Post-Irradiation Modulation of Distribution of Interacting Vacancies in the Elastically Anisotropic B.C.C. Crystals

O. V. Oliinyk, V. A. Tatarenko
2018 Uspehi Fiziki Metallov  
Post-irraDiation MoDUlation of Distri-BUtion of interacting Vacancies in the elastically anisotroPic B.c.c. crystals Spinodal mechanism of formation of a modulated structure in a spatial distribution of vacancies within the body-centred cubic (b.c.c.) crystal after irradiation is conside red. The criterion of modulated-structure formation for the closed interacting-vacancies subsystem within the elastically anisotropic b.c.c. crystal is estimated. As shown, in case of positive factor of elastic
more » ... anisotropy (ξ > 0 as for Mo, Nb, W crystals), the modulated structures can be formed along the [111] direction, and in case of negative factor of elastic anisotropy (ξ < 0 as for Fe crystal), the modulated structure can be formed along the [100] direction. Dependence of the modulated-structure period of b.c.c.-Mo (Fe)-vacancies' solution on temperature is plotted. Period of a modulated structure in a spatial distribution of vacancies, which is formed by means of the spinodal mechanism, increases with temperature and is determined by the entropy factor, '(electro)chemical' interaction of vacancies, and elastic properties of b.c.c. crystal.
doi:10.15407/ufm.19.02.152 fatcat:k2pp2on63vcang3qevxxj4nj2y