Mixed-Reality-Enhanced Human–Robot Interaction with an Imitation-Based Mapping Approach for Intuitive Teleoperation of a Robotic Arm-Hand System

Yun-Peng Su, Xiao-Qi Chen, Tony Zhou, Christopher Pretty, Geoffrey Chase
2022 Applied Sciences  
This paper presents an integrated mapping of motion and visualization scheme based on a Mixed Reality (MR) subspace approach for the intuitive and immersive telemanipulation of robotic arm-hand systems. The effectiveness of different control-feedback methods for the teleoperation system is validated and compared. The robotic arm-hand system consists of a 6 Degrees-of-Freedom (DOF) industrial manipulator and a low-cost 2-finger gripper, which can be manipulated in a natural manner by novice
more » ... physically distant from the working site. By incorporating MR technology, the user is fully immersed in a virtual operating space augmented by real-time 3D visual feedback from the robot working site. Imitation-based velocity-centric motion mapping is implemented via the MR subspace to accurately track operator hand movements for robot motion control and enables spatial velocity-based control of the robot Tool Center Point (TCP). The user control space and robot working space are overlaid through the MR subspace, and the local user and a digital twin of the remote robot share the same environment in the MR subspace. The MR-based motion and visualization mapping scheme for telerobotics is compared to conventional 2D Baseline and MR tele-control paradigms over two tabletop object manipulation experiments. A user survey of 24 participants was conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness and performance enhancements enabled by the proposed system. The MR-subspace-integrated 3D mapping of motion and visualization scheme reduced the aggregate task completion time by 48% compared to the 2D Baseline module and 29%, compared to the MR SpaceMouse module. The perceived workload decreased by 32% and 22%, compared to the 2D Baseline and MR SpaceMouse approaches.
doi:10.3390/app12094740 fatcat:yqg6n5gf2jfqjofoliktjx5ff4