Slab Application of Fiber Reinforced Lightweigt Concrete

2016 Fouth International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Construction Engineering - CSCE 2016   unpublished
In this paper slab application of propylene reinforced lightweight concrete is discussed. The effect of fibers on flexural strength of lightweight concrete was investigated and possible slab use of propylene fiber reinforced lightweight concrete was discussed. In the frame work of the study, fiber reinforced lightweight concrete was produced with using short propylene fibers, lightweight aggregate (perlite), cement, sand, plasticizer and water. Propylene fibers are used provide ductility in
more » ... e of steel reinforcement. Perlite used as aggregate provides lightweight. Cement and sand component are used for strength. The cube, cylinder and beam samples were prepared to determine material and mechanical properties of fiber reinforced lightweight concrete. Possible use of fiber reinforced lightweight concrete as slab; the slabs (panels) with the dimension of 13x50x150cm were produced. The panels were tested in four-point bending test to determine flexural strength (MOR, modulus of rupture). Total of seven slab samples were prepared. One of the samples is produced for control sample. The control sample did not contain any fibers or perlite. Three of the samples were produced using both fiber and perlite.
doi:10.15224/978-1-63248-101-6-06 fatcat:3mskpjykarfw7b76zgjvnwcfqm