Abstracts: Part II

1995 Gut  
of an economical evaluation of endoscopic techniques. The aim of the study is to estimate costs of gastrointestinal endoscopic techniques in a unit assumed to perform 1) all the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures as well as visits, liver biopsies, ultrasonography, 2) more than 6000 procedures/year (II level endoscopic unit). The model for costs estimation took into account the following: 1) depreciation of instruments (videoenteroscopes, automatic washing machines, computers and so on) 2)
more » ... t of disposable and consumable stores (i.e. detergents and disinfectants, gloves, drugs and so on) and repairs 3) medical, nursing and secretarial staff salaries. Building costs and the overhead charges (telephone, water, electric power) were not considered. A "weight" was given to each procedure according to the time required to perform it (i.e. colonoscopy-TC = 1, oesophagogastroduodenoscopy-EGD = 0.5, sigmoidoscopy-RS = 0.6, biopsy-BIO = 0.1, polypectomy-POLIP = 0.4). The number of procedures after which the instrument needs to be replaced was extabilished according to past experience of our unit. Cost calculation was based on 1993 activity. Costs in U.S.dollars are reported in table: Costs EGD CT RS BIO POLIP Staff 53 (
doi:10.1136/gut.37.suppl_2_pt_2.a61 fatcat:cv5adfa4jffyflrhbpmeuaqwke