Qualitative and probabilistic uncertainty in reasoning about actions with sensing

Luca Iocchi, Thomas Lukasiewicz, Daniele Nardi, Riccardo Rosati
2004 Non-Monotonic Reasoning  
We present the description logic PN-ALCK α NF for reasoning about actions with sensing under qualitative and probabilistic uncertainty, which is an extension of the description logic ALCK α NF by actions with nondeterministic and probabilistic effects. We define a formal semantics of PN-ALCK α NF in terms of deterministic, nondeterministic, and probabilistic transitions between epistemic states, which are sets of possible states of the world. We introduce the notions of a conditional plan and
more » ... s goodness under qualitative and probabilistic uncertainty. We then formulate the problem of conditional planning in this framework, and we present an algorithm for solving it. This algorithm is based on a reduction to reasoning in description logics, and is shown to be sound and complete in the sense that it generates all optimal plans. We also describe an application in a robotic-soccer scenario.
dblp:conf/nmr/IocchiLNR04 fatcat:kudlibgwgnc2vni56ay6bchee4