Breaking the virtual barrier: real-time interactions with spiking neural models

Corey M Thibeault, Frederick C Harris, Philip H Goodman
2010 BMC Neuroscience  
The unrivaled complexity of the human brain has driven many researchers towards larger and more detailed models of neural processing. Often run on remote highperformance computing architectures, these simulations can be difficult to access at significant levels of detail. In general, after simulations are completed, the results are analyzed off-line. This paradigm can make development of large models exploring complex and time-consuming simulations, such as learning or persistent neural
more » ... , very difficult. Presented here is a toolkit, dubbed NCSTools, used for real-time interactions with large-scale neural simulations run on the NeoCortical Simulator (NCS). NCSTools is a remote monitoring package that provides a number of options for input, output, and modification of a running simulation. Input stimuli can be voltage, current, or probabilities of firing. For output there are several options for both collection and visualization. Information can be compiled as cell voltages, currents, synaptic efficacy, or spike-events within a population. The model information flow can be altered dynamically by NCSTools, as can model parameters
doi:10.1186/1471-2202-11-s1-p73 pmcid:PMC3090963 fatcat:cmae5lh7mbax3dblcrncttrkpm