1894 The Lancet  
been no change in the scapular muscles-a somewhat unusual feature seeing that the pectoral muscles were apparently wasted in their lower parts. The knee-jerks were present, that on the right side-on which the thigh was smaller-being less marked than the left. The electrical reactions of the muscles are not stated. Dr. Fletcher discusses briefly the different forms of myopathy, mentioning the ordinary form of pseudo-hypertrophic paralysis, Erb's form, and the Landouzy-Dejerine type, in which the
more » ... face is affected. As he remarks, cases undoubtedly occur occupying intermediate positions between those types. He might even have gone further, for Erb's recent monograph has made it quite evident that cases occur in the same family following different types, and that even the same case may be at one time classified correctly as belonging to one type, at another as more properly belonging to another-that, in short, all are cases of muscular dystrophy, a condition which may manifest itself in various forms. ___ THE COST OF THE WORTHING EPIDEMIC. AT a Local Government Board inquiry, held at Worthing on Tuesday, the total extraordinary cost to the borough of the disastrous typhoid fever epidemic of last year was the subject of an application for a loan, to be repaid within a term of years. The following items were given by the town clerk to the inspectors as the charges incurred from May to December, 1893: Hospitals: rents, £ 493 2s. 4d. ; medical assistance, £ 581; nurses' salaries and lodgings, £ 1466 3s. 9d. ; board of patients and nurses, 1339 18s. 2d. ; drugs and appliances, 190 19s. 6d. ; tents, furniture, &c., 345 10s. 9d.; ; gas, coals, rates, and taxes, .S33 16s. 9d. ; laundry, £ 162 2s. 8d.; conveyances, ;E298 9s. 7d. ; stimulants, 138 8s. 2d. ; sundries, £ 102 10s. led. ; total, C5152 Is. 9d. Outstanding claims bring the total to £ 5250 Is. 9d., and cash received and due from patients for board and treatment ( £ 1507 3s. 5d.) makes the net cost of the hospitals .E3742 18s. 4d. Disinfectants cost £447 17s. 7d.; notification fees totalled 139 12s. 6d.; ; and analyst's fees, £ 95 lls. It will be remembered that during the epidemic tanks were used in the streets to supply
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