On the Number of Independent Pieces of Information in a Functional Linear Model with a Scalar Response

Eduardo Montoya
2020 Stats  
In a functional linear model (FLM) with scalar response, the parameter curve quantifies the relationship between a functional explanatory variable and a scalar response. While these models can be ill-posed, a penalized regression spline approach may be used to obtain an estimate of the parameter curve. The penalized regression spline estimate will be dependent on the value of a smoothing parameter. However, the ability to obtain a reasonable parameter curve estimate is reliant on how much
more » ... ation is present in the covariate functions for estimating the parameter curve. We propose to quantify the information present in the covariate functions to estimate the parameter curve. In addition, we examine the influence of this information on the stability of the parameter curve estimator and on the performance of smoothing parameter selection methods in a FLM with a scalar response.
doi:10.3390/stats3040032 fatcat:nckn7hymrrg5xfrrwl4zhkykzi