Measurement of Differential Cross Sections and Spin Density matrix elements along with a Partial Wave Analysis for γp → pω Using CLAS at JLab [report]

Michael Williams
2007 unpublished
This work presents measurements of differential cross sections, dσ/d cos θ ω CM , and spin density matrix elements, ρ 0 M M , for the reaction γp → pω in the energy range 1.72 GeV< √ s <2.84 GeV. The data were collected at Jefferson Lab, using the CLAS detector, as part of the g11a run period in 2004. Our ρ 0 M M measurements vastly increase the precision of the world's data and extend the large angle measurements by over 400 MeV in √ s. Our data confirms that for √ s < 2.1 GeV, the forward
more » ... e (small |t|) production amplitude is dominated by t-channel π 0 exchange. At higher energies, existing non-resonant models do a poor job of describing our data. In particular, u-channel models fail to reproduce our highest energy backwards ρ 0 M M measurements.
doi:10.2172/955709 fatcat:ef4djr4i6zajjndeeoagu5giim