Modelling the interrelationship between vessel and truck traffic at marine container terminals

Nadereh Moini
This dissertation established a relation between truck gate activities and wharf operations at a marine container terminal using analytical and simulation approaches. This objective was maintained by observing the marine yard, which acts as a buffer link between the wharf and gates since containers stay in the yard for some period before they are transferred to the gates or the wharf. As a result, the container dwell time (CDT) was a major factor in developing this link. The study identified
more » ... study identified factors that affect CDT (CDT determinants). The dissertation presented an analytical approach to model CDT based on factors influencing CDT. The study provided comprehensive reviews of data mining procedures to reveal the suitable techniques in estimating CDT based on its determinant factors. Three Data Mining (DM) procedures were employed to estimate and predict the CDT and the results were compared with the observed data to find the robust model in maintaining this objective. The result of the selective model was applied to measure how changes in the CDT determinants could impact the CDT, yard capacity, and terminal revenues. The dissertation related the gate and the apron activities using the CDT and discerned the patterns for departure and arrival of containers at truck gates an hourly and daily basis. These distributions were employed to develop alternative scenarios estimating truck gate volumes based on the escalated apron's container volume and the CDT changes. Finally, the research validated the outcomes of the analytical and modeling phases on a virtual environment using a simulation technique. The dissertation also proposed an appointment system at truck gates and at the truck interchange to ease the congestion at terminal gates. The dissertation provides port policy makers with valuable information that can facilitate their future decision making in operational, tactical and strategic levels. The analytical approach of this dissertation is designed to depict the value of information collected by terminal operato [...]
doi:10.7282/t3xd11r8 fatcat:oo6lunxywndldg6esq6vonqwiu