Interaction Phenomena to Be Accounted for Human-Induced Vibration Control of Lightweight Structures

Iván M. Díaz, Christian A. Gallegos, José Ramírez Senent, Carlos M. C. Renedo
2021 Frontiers in Built Environment  
Inertial mass controllers, including passive, semi-active and active strategies, have been extensively used for canceling human-induced vibrations in lightweight pedestrian structures. Codes to check the vibration serviceability and current controller design approaches assume that both excitation forces and controller forces are the same on a flexible structure and on a rigid structure. However, this fact may not be assumable since interaction phenomena arise even for moderately lightweight
more » ... ely lightweight structures. Analyzing two case studies in this paper, interaction phenomena involved in the frequency-domain-based design of passive and active inertial mass dampers are discussed. Thus, a general vibration control problem including the interaction phenomena is set hereby. Concretely, this paper deeply discusses the following issues: (i) how the structure to be controlled is affected when human-structure interaction is presented for deterministic and stochastic conditions, (ii) the closed-loop transfer function of the controlled structure including a passive inertial mass damper, and (iii) the closed-loop transfer function of the controlled structure including an active inertial mass damper. In addition, the performed analysis considers the actuator dynamics and the actuator-structure interaction.
doi:10.3389/fbuil.2021.658529 fatcat:eauqjhbnrrh3rp24d3qpwh2dai