Island biogeography: an avenue for research in bryology

2021 Bryophyte Diversity and Evolution  
In the present review, we provide an updated account on the level of knowledge in island bryophyte biogeography. In the framework of the 50 most fundamental questions for present and future island biology research highlighted by Patiño et al. (2017), we summarize current knowledge in bryophyte island biogeography and outline main research avenues for the future in the field. We found that only about 50% of the key current questions in island biogeography have been addressed to some extent, at
more » ... ast once, in bryophytes. Even fundamental questions that have caught the attention of ecologists since more than one century, such as the species-area relationship, have only rarely been dealt with in bryophytes. The application of the Island Biogeography Theory therefore opens an avenue for research in bryology, and we discuss the most salient features, including species and community phylogenetics, biotic interactions, and invasion biology.
doi:10.11646/bde.43.1.15 fatcat:i7w5a2v7mvgupbkoj5ayai6u4i