Selectable All Wheel Steering for an ATV

Pushkin Gautam, Vipul Vibhanshu
2015 International Journal of Engineering Research and  
Selectable All Wheel Steering is a relatively new technology that improves maneuverability in cars, trucks and trailers. All wheel steering is used for parking and low-speed maneuvers but in this type of steering system the vehicle can be steered on both, two wheels & four wheels. The "Selectable All Wheel Steering" is the modified form of AWS (All Wheel Steering). In this, the engagement and disengagement of the four wheels steering can be done as per the driver requirement. This provides the
more » ... enefits of both two wheel and four wheel steer. Thus, can be used as front wheel steer in long straight runs and can be used as all wheel steer when sharp and close turns are needed. The Mechanically Operated SAWS arrangement is among one of the most compact and cost effective systems which can be installed in an ATV without making many changes in the four wheel steering system.
doi:10.17577/ijertv4is080314 fatcat:am6zf53drvanbofovfqkjqjykq