Farklı Yaş Gruplarından Oluşan 20 Yaş Üstü Anadolu Erkeklerinin Helix, Tragus ve Lobule Anatomik Noktalarının Yapay Sinir Ağlarının Örüntü Tamamlama Özelliği Kullanılarak Kestirimi

2020 Turkish Studies-Social Sciences  
Cite as/ Atıf: Özkoçak, V. (2020). Estimation of anatolian men's helix, tragus and lobule anatomical points using artificial neural networks pattern completion. Turkish 15 (7) , 215-228. https://dx. Abstract: Measuring the physical differences and distinctive features of individuals with scientific techniques metrically is one of the important study topics of forensic identification and criminology. Ear is a limb frequently used in forensic identification studies due to its characteristic
more » ... logy. Geometrical morphometry is used in resurfacing studies and reconstructive surgery. Successful results with high accuracy can be obtained thanks to the application of artificial intelligence techniques as well as basic statistical methods in the examination of the relationships between the numerical data obtained by geometric morphometry techniques and the anatomical points. Artificial neural networks can produce high accuracy outputs for certain inputs defined by mathematically modeling the basic learning methods of the human brain. In addition, it is able to learn the solution of the specified problem without the need for the mathematical function existing between input and output variables and can update itself according to changing conditions. In this study, right ear photos of 450 male individuals, 150 individuals between the ages of 20-39, 150 individuals between the ages of 40-59 and 150 individuals over 60, were taken by the same photographer under identical conditions and arranged with the "image j" program. The coordinates of 11 anatomical points belonging to his right ears were obtained. 70% of these data obtained equally in every age range were applied to the artificial neural network model created with Matlab © program and used in the training of the network. The operation of the network was tested with 20% of the remaining data and the verification of the network was performed with the last 10% data. In the testing and verification processes of the designed network structure, the coordinates of 8 anatomical points were applied to the entrance of the network, and the coordinates of the Helix, Tragus and Lobule anatomical points were provided with a high accuracy and fast estimation by completing the pattern. Structured Abstract: Geometric morphometry is used landmark that is predetermined and marked on the material to be used or the interpretation of the form and shapes of organisms using x, y coordinates. Today, it is a rapidly developing technique in terms of identity studies. Geometric Morphometry approaches use indirect methods of anthropometric measurements. It is impossible to taken from the individuals bodies' with anthropometric instruments like small-big calipers and anthropometry boards, but general or specific area photographs of individuals can provide datas that enabling anthropometric measurements to be taken in computer environment. External ear (auricula) photographs are one of them. Since these photos are used for
doi:10.47356/turkishstudies.46888 fatcat:36agwium2fbpbdsiq7gvoa6t5y