Design, Fabrication and the Experimental Performance Evaluation of Flat Plate Solar Water Heater specifically for Jorhat, Assam (26.750N, 94.220E)

D Sarma, R Gogoi, B Nath, S Konwar, C.L Meitei
2014 International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technoloy  
Among all the non-conventional energy sources, solar energy is one of the main alternative source of energy for the limited fossil fuels. The conversion of solar radiation into heat energy in an effective and efficient way which can be used in the domestic as well as small scale industrial heating purposes is now a challenge for the human race. This study focuses on design and experimental performance analysis of solar flat plate water heater under the meteorological condition of Assam using
more » ... ally available materials. The solar flat plate water heater is specifically designed, fabricated and tested at Jorhat, Assam on latitude 26.75 0 N.Solar energy is absorbed by the flat-plate collector consisting of a thin aluminium absorber plate integrated with fluid carrying copper riser and header tubes, and placed in an insulated casing with a glazing glass cover and also a storage water tank is integrated with the system. The energy emitted by the absorber plate cannot escape through the glass, thus temperature rises. The water gets heated and flows into the storage tank due to difference in density and is known as thermosyphon principle.
doi:10.14445/22315381/ijett-v12p268 fatcat:4vvbusotgvbdppg3a62hqqmp54