Shuichiro Yokota
Multi-purpose hazard map for slope failures with various information which can be available for many people has been studied from data treatment. To make these information maps covering various time range, a processing system for data transformation is required. Probability of slope failures is generally believed to depend on angles of slopes. However, it is generally considered to be changeable in terms of time, and its changing style may also depend on rock types. Under some assumption, we
more » ... e assumption, we can estimate the probabilities at any spot x, y, and express them as the function D(x,y,t). As a case study, an attempt has been made to draw hazard map of the Kagoshima area on the basis of topographical and geological data both of which were digitized. Several maps drawn through the system enable us to understand dangerous spots and their changes in terms of time graphically. Because slope angles and rock types distributed there are different place to place and probabilities also depend on them, their changes seems to be complicated. Consequently, these maps and the system may be available for various purposes of users .
doi:10.6010/geoinformatics1990.7.1-2_51 fatcat:h2j3t5273rbb5fgjpujiipfp7y