Wave Absorption Property of High Entropy Alloy Fabricated by Sol-Gel Process

In this study, the magnetic properties and wave absorption characteristics of high entropy alloys are investigated. The high entropy alloys with FeNiMnCoCu, FeNiMnZnCo, and FeNiZnCoCu compositions were synthesized by the sol-gel method. After the sol-gel process, the annealing process and hydrogen reduction process was performed. FeNiMnCoCu and FeNiZnCoCu were revealed soft magnetic property. The saturation magnetization was 12 emu/g and 36 emu/g, respectively. And The coercive force was –45 Oe
more » ... ve force was –45 Oe and –34 Oe, respectively. The high entropy alloy with these compositions was revealed wave absorption property at above 10 gigahertz frequency region. And it has shown the trend that wave absorption frequency has decreased with the sample thickness increasing.
doi:10.24425/amm.2020.133684 fatcat:5muhqpfkgfdtlh5nhukhgptrze