Avaliação objetiva de qualidade de segmentação [thesis]

Silvio Ricardo Rodrigues Sanches
Assessment of video segmentation quality is a problem seldom investigated by the scientific community. Nevertheless, recent studies presented some objective metrics to evaluate algorithms. Such metrics consider different ways in which segmentation errors occur (perceptual factors) and its parameters are adjusted according to the application for which the segmented frames are intended. In this work: i) we demonstrate empirically that the performance of existing metrics changes according to the
more » ... gmentation algorithm; ii) we developed a subjective method to evaluate segmentation quality; and iii) we contribute with a new objective metric derived on the basis of experiments from subjective method in order to adjust the parameters of two bilayer segmentation algorithms found in the literature when these algorithms are used for compose scenes in Immersive Teleconference environments.
doi:10.11606/t.3.2013.tde-26062014-111553 fatcat:2mgh4odvyzgchds3rdingwiofq