Protective effect of alcoholic fruit extract of mallotus philippensis muell.Arg in aniline induced spleen toxicity in rats

G Sumithira⃰, V Kavya, Emil Shaji, V Safrooq, V Sakthivel, P Mol, T Shyamjith, G Sumithira
2017 Int. J. of Farmacia   unpublished
This study was designed to evaluate the protective effect of Mallotus philippensis on aniline induced spleen toxicity in rats. Wister albino rats of either sex were used and divided into 5 different groups. Spleen toxicity was induced by aniline hydrochloride (100 ppm) in drinking water for a period of 30 days. Control group received 1% carboxy methyl cellulose orally as vehicle. Treatment groups (III, IV &V) received ascorbic acid (40mg/kg b.w p.o), EEMP (200mg/kg b.w p.o) and EEMP (400 mg/kg
more » ... nd EEMP (400 mg/kg b.w p.o) respectively followed by aniline hydrochloride for 30 days. At the end of treatment period haematological parameters and tissue parameters were evaluated. Aniline hydrochloride treated rats showed significant alteration in Body weight and spleen weight, Haematological parameters (Hb, RBC&WBC) and tissue parameters (LPO, GSH &NO) compared to control group. Treatment of EEMP (200mg/kg) and EEMP (400mg/kg) respectively showed a significant recovery in aniline hydrochloride induced spleen toxicity.