Measurements on Fully Wetted and Ventilated Ring Wing Hydrofoils

A. J. Acosta, T. Kiceniuk, E. R. Bate
1967 Journal of Engineering for Industry  
Qualified r e q u e s t e r s m a y obtain copies of this report d i r e c t from Defense Documentation Center, Cameron Station, Alexandria, Virginia 223 14 This r e p o r t has been r e l e a s e d to ABSTRACT F o r c e m e a s u r e m e n t s and visual observations w e r e m a d e in a w a t e r tunnel on fully wetted and ventilated flows past a family of conical ring wings having a flat plate section geometry. The diameter-chord ratio was varied f r o m one to three, and the total included
more » ... the total included cone angle was 12 degrees. The fully wetted flows all exhibited separation f r o m the leading edge except f o r the l a r g e s t diameter-chord ratio, a r e s u l t which was in a g r e e m e n t with previous work. The effect of ventilation i s to reduce m a r k e d l y
doi:10.1115/1.3610082 fatcat:nbo624z63raatmfxczfpj6z2m4