Prof. Dr. Jesus Garcia Laborda
2017 New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences  
at the Hotel Aston La Scala Convention Center Nice -France. This privileged scientific event has contributed to the field of educational sciences and research for nine years. As the guest editors of this issue, we are glad to see variety of articles focusing on the curriculum and instruction, educational technology, educational administration, guidance and counselling, educational planning, measurement and evaluation, learning psychology, developmental psychology, instructional design, learning
more » ... al design, learning and teaching, special education, distance education, lifelong learning, mathematics education, social sciences teaching, science education, language learning and teaching, human resources in education, teacher training, pre-school education, primary school education, secondary school education, vocational education, college and higher education, learner needs in the 21st century, the role of education in globalization, human rights education, democracy education, innovation and change in education, new learning environments, environmental education, professional development, nursery education, health education, sport and physical education, multi-cultural education, mobile learning, music education, art education, history education and etc.
doi:10.18844/prosoc.v4i1.2308 fatcat:nofju53ly5dh3odq55tgzniaou