Morphometrics of the indian false vampire bat (Megaderma lyra) from district Jhelum, Pakistan

M. Shahbaz, Hamidullah, W. Khan, A. Javid, Attaullah, S. B. Rasheed, K. Anwar, A. Ullah, J. Zeb, M. I. Khan, Q. A. Ahmad, B. T. Khan (+4 others)
2020 Brazilian Journal of Biology  
During the present study thirteen Megaderma lyra bats were observed roosting in dark, domed shaped room of Rohtas Fort, district Jhelum. Out of these, six specimens were captured from the roosting site, using hand net. All captured specimens were male. These bats were identified through their unique facial features, an erect and elongated nose-leaf, large oval ears that joined above the forehead and no tail. Mean head and body length of captured specimens was 80 mm, forearm length was 67 mm
more » ... ength was 67 mm while average lengths of 3rd, 4th and 5th metacarpals were 51.73 mm, 55.17 mm and 60.42 mm, respectively. Mean skull length was 29.84 mm, breadth of braincase was 12.77 mm. Average Penis length of two specimens was 6.6 mm and total bacular length was 3.08 mm respectively. This is the first record of Megaderma lyra from district Jhelum.
doi:10.1590/1519-6984.232444 pmid:33146253 fatcat:qrqgs73p4zflneyb7povy6ke6u