Policies and Practices Regarding the Protection of Flora and Fauna in Europe and in Romania

Codruta Suciu, Ioan Petroman, Diana Marin, Cornelia Petroman
Because of the negative effects of pollution, of urban area's development, of the wild territories fragmentation and of the anthropic impact on the environment, in the early 90s was observed an alarming decrease of flora and fauna in Europe. So they were took a series of measures, directives to protect the habitats and birds. Today in Europe is found the largest interconnected network of protected areas from the world, fact which led to slowing or even stopping the degradation of some
more » ... n of some territories affected, and in some cases was also observed the recoveries of habitats. After Romania joined the European Union and adoption of directives that aims the protection of birds and habitats it was, also, observed a significant increase of protected areas.