Relativistic formulation of the radiative transitions of charmonium andb-quarkonium

Farhad Daghighian, Dennis Silverman
1987 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
Bander, Silverman, Klima, and Maor recently developed a relativistic formalism for quarkantiquark bound states. It was used to calculate the spectra and leptonic decay widths of charmonium, b-quarkonium, D mesons, F mesons, 8 mesons, and mesons composed of light quarks. The form of the interactions between quark and antiquark was highly motivated by QCD. We extend this relativistic treatment to a relativistic formulation of radiative decays that automatically takes into account the effects of
more » ... coil, uses boosted final-state meson wave functions, includes relativistic bound-state wave functions involving relativistic mixtures of terms, and treats the valence quarks as four-component spinors. We then calculate radiative transition rates of the charmonium and b-quarkonium systems in this formalism and find that transitions which can be compared with experiment are in good agreement. Predictions are also made for decays that are not yet measured.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.36.3401 pmid:9958113 fatcat:btsinvg4tbdonogod2iviwz5xi