An Optimized Framework for Detection and Tracking of Video Objects in Challenging Backgrounds

Sukanyathara J, Alphonsa Kuriakose
2014 The International Journal of Multimedia & Its Applications  
Segmentation and tracking are two important aspects in visual surveillance systems. Many barriers such as cluttered background, camera movements, and occlusion make the robust detection and tracking a difficult problem, especially in case of multiple moving objects. Object detection in the presence of camera noise and with variable or unfavourable luminance conditions is still an active area of research. This paper propose a framework which can effectively detect the moving objects and track
more » ... m despite of occlusion and a priori knowledge of objects in the scene. The segmentation step uses a robust threshold decision algorithm which uses a multi-background model. The video object tracking is able to track multiple objects along with their trajectories based on Continuous Energy Minimization. In this work, an effective formulation of multi-target tracking as minimization of a continuous energy is combined with multibackground registration. Apart from the recent approaches, it focus on making use of an energy that corresponds to a more complete representation of the problem, rather than one that is amenable to global optimization. Besides the image evidence, the energy function considers physical constraints, such as target dynamics, mutual exclusion, and track persistence. The proposed tracking framework is able to track multiple objects despite of occlusions under dynamic background conditions.
doi:10.5121/ijma.2014.6403 fatcat:qnhdtdjejzbkfb7ndvebjr7doa