The Technology Integration Model (TIM). Predicting the continued use of technology

Heather Shaw, David A. Ellis, Fenja V. Ziegler
2018 Computers in Human Behavior  
The human-computer relationship is often convoluted, and despite decades of progress, many relationships relating to continued use are unclear and poorly defined. This may be due to a lack of interdisciplinary collaboration, especially from a theoretical standpoint between computer science and psychology. Following a review of existing theories that attempt to explain continued technology use, we developed the Technology Integration Model (TIM). In sum, the main objective of TIM is to outline
more » ... e processes behind continued technology use in an individual's everyday life. Here we present the model alongside a description of its scope and the relationships between constructs. This can help generate research questions relating to technology use while simultaneously addressing many previous shortcomings of existing models. As a unifying theory, TIM can quickly be adopted by researchers and developers when designing and implementing new technologies.
doi:10.1016/j.chb.2018.02.001 fatcat:matz4t3g6fenxj4b2imj3r3aj4