Ponceau 2R Doped Poly (ST/MMA) as Fluorescent Solar Collectors and Evaluation Effect of Matrix on Their Field Performance

S. M. Reda, Asla A. Al-Zahrani
2012 Open Journal of Energy Efficiency  
Luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) with styrene (ST) and methylmethacrylate (MMA) of different percentage as the matrix were prepared by a casting method using ponceau 2R. DSC has been used to compare the thermal stability of the different LSCs. FTIR spectroscopy shows that appearance of -N=N-for ponceau 2R in all ST/MMA matrixes indicating that the highest stability of this kind of dye in these matrixes. The values of the optical band gap (E g ) have been obtained from direct allowed
more » ... tion before and after the samples have been exposed to sunlight for 9 weeks. Photodegradation studies revealed that the more photo-stable dye doped in PMMA matrix than in other matrixes. The results showed that the homo PMMA/ponceau 2R system has the highest fluorescence quantum yield (Q f ). Therefore this sample can be selected for field performance of fluorescent solar collectors. The photovoltaic cell coupled with homo PMMA/2R LSC shows a maximum efficiency, 2% compared to the normal one. Figure 8. The variation of ln(α) vs photon energy for ponceau 2R prepared by casting method in PMMA (a); ST-Co-MMA (30/70) (b); ST-Co-MMA (50/50) (c); ST-Co-MMA (70/30) (d) and PS (e) before and after exposure to sunlight.
doi:10.4236/ojee.2012.13007 fatcat:tgqy4zekibhzblfjgw2jbsbzfu